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Hello, aircraft fans!

In this edition of the Plane View, we’ll slap a one-timer into the Trivia net… The rules are as follows, anyone who breaks them will lose.  CHEATING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.   Please send me your results via a “comment” box.

Me with a Russell Wilson jersey on at my new Pearl Export. Go Hawks!

Me with a Russell Wilson jersey on at my new Pearl Export. Go Hawks!

1. Which of these is NOT in the World’s top 10 busiest airports?

A: O’Hare International   B: London Heathrow        C: Frankfurt

D: Amsterdam Schipol     E. Tokyo International

2. Which USA airport had the most passengers visit in 2013?

A: Los Angeles International     B: JFK International       C: George Bush Intercontinental        D: Denver International       E: O’Hare International                     F: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International         G: Johnson’s Landing

3. Which Chinese airport had more business last year: Guangzhou or Shanghai?

4. Which of the following is not in the top 10 busiest airlines?

A: Delta       B: United     C: Southwest                  D: Lufthansa                   E: American

F: Air China          G: British Airways

5. Which cargo giant shipped more tonnage through the skies in 2012; FedEx or UPS?

6. BONUS QUESTION: How many goals does Alex Ovechkin currently have this season?

A: 27  B: 31  C: 35  D: 40  E: 50  F: 802

Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks.

Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks.

Have a great day!