Classic Aircraft Trivia

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Classic Aircraft Trivia

Hello, aircraft fans!

In this edition of the Plane View, we’ll do something a bit different this time.  Instead of me writing about one or more aircraft, it’s sort of a trivia game on aircraft.  The rules are as follows, anyone who breaks them will lose… or something like that.  CHEATING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as according to the Backyard Football Sudden Death Overtime Rules.  Please send me your results via a “comment” box.

1. Who bought out Northwest Airlines?

A: Delta       B: Alaska     C: United

2. What airline is based out of Denver?

A: Delta       B: Alaska     C: Frontier

3: What is Air Force One?

A: the President’s plane   B: the code for the president’s plane   C: a Golfstream aircraft

4: What does the president fly in from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base?

A: Marine One       B: Air Force One    C: a North American P-51 Mustang     D: a hang glider

5: When is the president’s aircraft officially Air Force One?

A: all the time       B: as soon as the president goes on board     C: when it is airborne

BONUS QUESTION!: Who shot down the Red Baron?

A: Eddie Rickenbacker     B: Roy Brown         C: Wop May            D: Richard Bong

Have a great day!


north american- p-51- mustang- ww2- udvar-hazy

The North American P-51 Mustang at the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center.