Hello, aircraft fans!  My name is Isaiah, and I am probably the biggest eleven-year-old airplane fan in the world.  I’m also probably one of the few eleven-year-olds who knows what the word “ubiquitous” means!  I started studying technical aircraft books when I was around six years old, and I have been to at least five of the most famous air plane museums in America.  Right now I probably have memorized all the facts and trivia of around three hundred or more aircraft.  People have been encouraging me to start an airplane blog so other people can enjoy what I have been learning, as well as to keep track of my air musuem travels.  This will be largely for airplane info, with occasional surprises.


Isaiah in front of Supermarine Spitfire

This blog is for the people interested in such things as the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels, both of America going abroad; the Snowbirds of Canada; and the Red Arrows of England.  It shall bring you information on famous aircraft from the past and present, and I hope will be helpful to everyone, especially the ones who want to become pilots.  These posts are all completely composed by me.  Please visit the contact page to find out more.

Have a great day!